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My name is Casey Botticello, and I have several online sites, newsletters, and publications, including my award winning Substack newsletter Blogging Guide.

My general goal in all my online work is to help content creators succeed.

So why create another newsletter? Simply put:

Online community building is vital to success in the creator economy.

I’ve received a lot of questions from my Blogging Guide subscribers related to this topic, so there is also clearly a strong interest in this topic.

What Will This Newsletter Specifically Cover?

Online Community Builders will cover topics such as:

  • How to Build an Online Community

  • The Benefits of Building an Online Community

  • How to Grow Your Online Community

  • How to Keep Your Community Members Engaged

  • Examples of Successful Online Communities Across Multiple Verticals (newsletter creators, Shopify stores, niche website owners, etc.)

Why Am I the Right Person to Talk About Online Community Building?

Good question! Online community building is rarely formally taught in school as it is a new field, so it can really only be learned through first hand experience. Some of my online community-related experiences that this content will be based off of:

  • Operating several large Facebook groups—I run the largest Medium and Substack creator Facebook groups.

  • Building a community around my Substack newsletter—I’ve built a community around my own Substack newsletter, Blogging Guide, which has generated additional value for my own subscribers.

  • Creating niche websites dedicated to a specific community.

  • Consulting and volunteering to help companies dedicated to helping passion economy creatives.

  • Co-hosting events such as Substack’s Office Hours, designed to help assist creators.

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⚙️ Free Tools to Build an Online Community

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Casey Botticello 
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